A good product starts with research. We will discuss your need, and what your market demands. The final user is in the center of this part, all focus need to be on the problem we define, and how we gonna solve it.


Concept & Ideation

At this stage everything is possible. When we gather all the requirements it is time to draw. We will transform the insight into concept and idea, and refine them with you and your team. This ideation process is all about freedom!


In this phase, we design the chosen concept. The idea takes shape in 3D software, we go into more and more details.  You start receiving from us great idea, shape, scenario and we discuss it to combine the best and provide the project the best possible outcome



In this step, we arrange everything so your project can take life within your budget and your schedule. The materials, colors, and industrial processes are in the center of this phase in order to bring your great idea to life.

Prototype & Model

During the development of your product, we will create a prototype in paper, cardboard, 3D printing, and any other relevant technique to help us test in situ the project and to improve it until everything is perfect. This is an iterative process.



We deliver all required documents to your team or supplier in order to bring your project to life. In this step, we will also take care of the feedbacks the manufacturer required. All modification and engineering build is part of our design process that we will gladly handle for you